Securely supplying and maintaining operation centers is a persistent challenge for any large organization. At EOR, we will spearhead the development of full cycle logistical support systems that provide efficient, secure delivery of supplies, while also ensuring transparency and anonymity essential to your operations. Logistics personnel from EOR will work on implementing new solutions, using the latest technologies to optimize your logististics operations. Our plans for the future include implementing AI and machine learning to calculate optimal routes, fuel costs, supplies and delivery schedules for your needs.


EOR is currently contracted to provide equipment to firefighters in Argentina, as well as continuing support for security maintenance in Grenada and Argentina. Throughout all of our operations we are dedicated to delivering secure and reliable logistical support to our clients. Our personnel make use of our operational centers and experienced contacts at major military depots in order to fill our clients’ demands. Our capabilities for organizing decentralized supply chains around a single control point ensure that our clients’ operations are not compromised by any single incident.


EOR has completed IDEQ contracts in countries such as Grenada and Argentina in support of USSOUTHCOM and USNORTHCOM with humanitarian assistance and disaster preparedness. EOR was also contracted by USAID to provide maintenance to their C-CURE security system.