The future for many businesses holds uncertainties for its current operations. With new technologies that have the power to disrupt current enterprise ecosystems, we must remain vigilant to keep clients ahead of the technology curve. We are agile enough to quickly adapt to and implement new technology with professional training for our customers. At EOR, we only succeed when you do. Our team will work to ensure your business is at the forefront of modern technology and at the vanguard of your industry.


EOR stands as a foremost international creator and integrator of elaborate and constantly evolving services. Our work, which includes heavy focuses in cybersecurity, information technology, and logistical support solutions, is a necessary part of many of our clients’ operations. We are able to use our resource organization to efficiently and effectively direct our personnel in the service of our clients at all levels, from military and federal agencies all the way to state and local organizations.


EOR’s past assistance of clients includes aiding the United States Special Operations Command with project coordination and administrative support on the ARL III ID/IQ Task Order 11, and sustaining the full life cycle of the SUAS LMAMS effort, which included the testing of UAV weapons capabilities on moving targets and systems communications between UAV types. In addition, EOR supported the Air Force Office of Special Investigations in a variety of administrative tasks; including recordkeeping, billing, and personnel support, allowing the office to achieve a 100% day one incumbent capture transition plan.