Compliance With Confidence HIPAAComplete™

Is a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance solution​

Using the latest technology, your facilities can become and remain HIPAA compliant quickly and without a large budget. Compliance protects you from disastrous fines and increases the value of your business upon acquisition

How HIPAA Complete™ Works


HIPAA Complete™ keeps your documents organized and a user-friendly dashboard alerts you of important events and metrics.


Our advanced machine learning algorithms reduce the time and costs of creating risk assessments and business continuity plans.


Coordinate and comment on HIPAA-related requirements, processes, and deadlines internally and with Business Associates. Email and SMS notifications coordinate activities.

Restful API

Integrate your application with our technology or speed up your implementation using popular API standards. Partners can integrate with our software solutions via our Restful API. Or, instead, consume our API using popular standards such as RAML and Swagger. We support both.

Our Dashboard