EOR has proven itself to be a leader in intelligence and counterintelligence services along with support. For the future, we plan on continuing our success and continuing to bring value to our valued clients. The future of intelligence will be more complex, competitive and challenging. With new forms of communication and new threats across the horizon, intelligence gathering will be more important than ever. We stand well positioned from our current and past operations to adapt to and overcome new technologies and barriers. Our employed personnel will work with the intelligence community in order to keep EOR and its clients on the forefront of intelligence innovations.


EOR is currently providing intelligence services for SOCOM, JIEDDA, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. EOR provides Near Real-Time (NRT) Intelligence in support of immediate and strategic operations. By utilizing high-end surveillance technology, EOR is able to provide paramount services to various intelligence agencies.


EOR has been contracted by The Air Force Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA) to provide linguistic services, along with the gathering and processing of information. In addition to AFISRA, EOR assists organizations such as Navy, Army, and Marine Corps with the collection of intelligence, ensuring safety for Americans across the world.