Using the latest technology, your facilities can become and remain HIPAA compliant quickly and without a large budget. Compliance protects you from disastrous fines and increases the value of your business upon acquisition.



HIPAA Complete™ keeps your documents organized and a user-friendly dashboard alerts you of important events and metrics.


Our advanced machine learning algorithms reduce the time and costs of creating risk assessments and business continuity plans.


Coordinate and comment on HIPAA-related requirements, processes, and deadlines internally and with Business Associates. Email and SMS notifications coordinate activities.


Help your enterprise remain HIPAA compliant. Goes far beyond other HIPAA compliance solutions. Integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence to lower the cost and time of compliance.


View key compliance metrics on a dashboard, customizable for various levels of the organization. C-Suite can see a summary of activity and alerts, while other managers and staff can view detailed statistics. Each facility can have its dashboard, with all the data aggregated at higher levels of the organization.


An important component of the Risk Analysis is the Business Continuity Plan (BCP). The standard BCP generated by HIPAAComplete is at least 58 pages long, with details about how to respond to most emergencies, and associated risks determined by the facility locations and your specialty. Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning automates the risk determination, greatly reducing the amount of time to develop the document.


The core of HIPAA compliance is the Risk Analysis. AIMHI tracks IT infrastructure including hardware and software, optionally integrated with your existing inventory management systems. Track vendors and determine which qualify as a Business Associate. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning use the data, including facility locations and type of practice, to generate the Risk Analysis within a fraction of the time older, manual methods, require.


The revised HIPAA laws with the Omnibus rule in 2013 requires organizations to properly assess their partner’s HIPAA compliance at a high level. HIPAAComplete automates the process by sending out a yearly email with a questionnaire including questions and required uploads to confirm HIPAA compliance. The dashboard and reports let you know your BAA’s HIPAA compliance stance and if any pose a threat to your security.


Fully customizable dashboards for each level of your organization makes it easy to roll up data and delegate compliance authority. Audits become far easier for the HIPAA security and privacy officers, insuring compliance throughout the organization.


"HIPAA compliance was a tremendous amount of work and keeping up with the requirements to have an up-to-date Security Risk Assessment and Business Continuity plan was made much easier with HIPAAComplete. The easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to share our progress with other stakeholders. We found the add-on product and service for monthly vulnerability scans and quarterly penetration testing very affordable and gives us peace of mind."
Dale Bader, MCRM Fertility
Director of Marketing and Compliance
"After looking at many options, I chose HIPAAComplete because it integrates with so many other medical applications and it's dashboard and reports make staying compliant easy. Compliance tasks can be overwhelming, and HIPAAComplete makes generating the Risk Analysis effortless."
Kike Onifade, Physicians Practice Management & Consulting
"HIPAAComplete allows us to keep our 9 locations HIPAA compliant. Each location has its own dashboard, and we can see the status of compliance throughout our system. We can see compliance metrics at a high level for the entire organization or drill down to any specific department or location. The built-in OpenVAS cybersecurity vulnerability scanning has helped us be far more secure. The dashboard helps communicate our status to auditors and key stakeholders."
Gwen Farr, Pemiscot Memorial Hospital
HIPAA Compliance Officer


Integrate your application with our technology or speed up your implementation using popular API standards. Partners can integrate with our software solutions via our Restful API. Or, instead, consume our API using popular standards such as RAML and Swagger. We support both.