With a constantly evolving and expanding cyber threat landscape, EOR understands the importance of staying one step ahead of those trying to disrupt your online operations. At EOR, we dedicate ourselves to keeping your operations up and running, and free from cyber threats and intrusions. We will continue to provide our customers with the most cutting edge security services the world has to offer. To do so, we are committed to continuously training our security specialists to be one step ahead of cyber criminals.


At EOR we understand that it takes the best engineers to build the best security service solutions. That is why we are committed to hiring and retaining the most talented personnel in the field today in order to build a formidable cyber defense for our clients. Personnel employed through EOR make use of a wide array of resources in order to combat the malignant forces acting in cyberspace.


EOR has worked on providing security to various government organizations and agencies throughout its operating lifetime. We have provided automated malware upload and scanning for The Department of Defense which allows forensics teams to analyze, decode, and protect critical computer infrastructure against global cyber threats.