Integrated dashboard

Integrated dashboard to track key performance indicators throughout the enterprise.

The SafeT, Inc. API and platform powers the AIMHI integration technology, which allows our teams to deploy projects and manage risk and compliance issues in an automated manner.

Deploy your application in far less time with increased security

Defying the Cybersecurity Status Quo

Penetration Testing

  • Web applications/Web Servers
  • White/Grey/Black Box
  • Social Engineering
  • Wireless
  • Physical


Digital Forensics

  • Technical: Detailed malware and NW traffic analysis
  • Legal: Certified evidence collector; official chain of custody

Incident Response

  • Assess, Contain, Mitigate
  • Maintain evidence integrity compliance with forensic requirements

Cyber Security Consulting

  • HIPAA Security Risk Assessment
  • Foundational Cyber Hygiene
  • Staff Training/Security Certification
  • Enterprise Security Assessment
  • Policies and Procedure

We are trusted by and gladly provide service to the following clients and partners. Not all clients or partners are listed.

Alpine Security is superbly trained and certified in cybersecurity, below a list of our team’s certifications and credentials, in no particular order.

Using Artificial Intelligence to migrate legacy applications

Many of the largest Mobilize accounts are managed by AIMHI COO, Gerald Caussade

Explainable Machine Learning

simMachines provides the only machine learning software that can provide “the Why” behind every prediction at the speed and scale necessary to drive marketingfraud, and identity applications with full transparency.

A major bug was discovered using this technology and reported by Homeland Security:

JASBUG Discovery writeup

Department of Homeland Security – Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Alert Link on the JASBUG