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Our strategic partnerships allows us to provide a mixture of the best services to keep you secure and compliant, which we firmly believe pays dividends to our customers

Comprehensive Security & Technology Solution

Alpine Security is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) providing cybersecurity certification hands-on technical training and cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, risk assessments, incident response, audits, and digital forensics.

AppsCo enables you to access into many systems using one password and log.  AppsCo remembers all your passwords, through a secure, centrally managed portal while providing better visibility.  In addition, it can add dual-factor authentication, and automatic provisioning of systems.

Using the latest technology, your facilities can become and  remain HIPAA compliant quickly and without a large budget. Compliance protects you from disastrous fines and increases the value of your business upon acquisition

Hostirian SENTRY+ watches endpoints for vital security and anti-virus functionality and backs it with a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) to respond immediately to updates and threats. Our NOC technicians use SENTRY+ to monitor critical levels of RAM, processor and hard drive utilization for proactive device health. Hostirian SENTRY+ works on any device, on any network, across any perimeter without impacting productivity!​.​

For over 25 years Mobilize.Net has led the world in automated migration of legacy Windows desktop applications, using sophisticated AI-informed tools to reduce the time and cost of code migration. Automated migration is the process of using software tools – similar in concept and architecture to a compiler – to convert the original source code of an application to a more modern programming language, framework, platform or all three.
 Everyday employers looking for a qualified workforce & service providers. ProHub allows employers to search and ask about your credentials and background.

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Advanced predictive analytics used by American Express & Starbucks for real-time fraud detection. In healthcare, we can predict health outcomes and explain why the recommendation was given.
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